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Phil Hauser

[Many thanks to Stuart at TCG, and to Wendy at The Soldier Factory for help in this section.]

Phil Hauser is the artist who designed a number of pewter figurines for a company called The Toy Soldier Factory (now The Soldier Factory). Originally a large number of them were used in a chess set going back to at least the 1970's, available with various bases and sometimes painted. Now the figures (and additional ones) are available loose, painted or not. Here is an image of the chess set pieces

The following figures are still available from http://www.soldierfactory.com. Here is an image from their current catalog, but not all figures are shown:


  • F-1 Gandalf
  • F-2 Strider
  • F-3 Boromir
  • F-4 Legolas
  • F-5 Gimli
  • F-6 Frodo
  • F-7 Sam
  • F-8 Merry
  • F-9 Pippin
  • F-10 Saruman
  • F-11 Wormtongue
  • F-12 Nazgul
  • F-13 Lg Orc
  • F-14 Small Orc
  • F-15 Riddle Game
  • F-18 Bilbo
  • F-19 Gollum
  • F-22 Bilbo with Book
  • Not pictured above:

  • F-16 Tom Bombadil
  • F-17 Bill the Pony
  • F-20 Galadriel
  • F-21 Tree Ent
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