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The Tales of Aragorn and Arwen

  • American Hobbit Association
  • One-shot publication
  • 88 pages

  • "We did a one time fanzine called The Tales of Aragorn and Arwen. It was stories, artwork, poetry and even a song about Aragron, Arwen and their family. There was one that was about Arwen’s mother. Two of them were from Marion Zimmer Bradley, with her permission. One of them was illustrated by Hannah Shapero who was at that time her official illustrator from her Darkover books, so that was a pretty big deal."


    "Topics ranged from a story about Arwen’s mother, Celebrian, and her rescue from orcs in a dangerous journey, to a description of an imagined meeting between Bilbo and ten year old Estel (later Aragorn), who were both in Rivendell at the same time for a brief while; it supposes that Bilbo is responsible for Aragorn’s penchant for pipeweed. Another story imagines the adventures of Aragorn and Arwen’s children, many years after Aragorn’s coronation, and one story even goes behind the scenes on the royal bride and groom’s wedding night!" - Renee Alper (from interview)

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