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English and Medieval Studies Presented to J.R.R. Tolkien on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday

by W.H. Auden et al

This book includes the following essays:

  • The Old English Epic Style by A. Campbell
  • The Appreciation of Old English Metre by A. J. Bliss
  • King Alfred's Last War by M. E. Griffiths
  • Six Questions of Old and Middle English Morphology by C. E. Bazell
  • Studies in Late West Saxon Labialization and Delabialization by Pamela Gradon
  • The Bodmer Fragment of Ælfic's Homily for Septuagesima Sunday by N. R. Ker
  • A Neglected Manuscript of British History by S. R. T. O. d'Ardenne
  • ormulum: Words copied by Jan van Vliet from parts now lost by R. W. Burchfield
  • Norse Alliterative Phrases in the Ormulum by E. S. Olszewska
  • The Affiliations of the manuscripts of Ancrene Wisse by E. J. Dobson
  • God and Man in Troilus and Criseyde by T. P. Dunning
  • Chaucer's Translation of the Bible by W. Meredith Thompson
  • God's Wenches and the Light that Spoke (a note on Langland's kind of poetry) by Nevill Coghill
  • The Anthropological Approach by C. S. Lewis;


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