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Guide to Tolkien's Letters
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General Topics
Re: Protector Box
by MarcG (Yesterday)
Books and other printed materials
Re: Illegal Copyright Sequel
by Trotter (16 Sep)
Signatures and Autographs
Re: UK Two Towers Second edition
by Trotter (16 Aug)
Translations and International Editions
Re: The Hobbit 70 anniversary
by Tuor son of Huor (Yesterday)
Calendars, Posters and other Artwork
Re: Temple of Melkor by Ted Nasmith
by Lokki (20 Sep)
Fanzines and other Periodicals
Re: Riddles in the Dark - Children's Digest
by LanceFormation (29 Aug)
Toys, Games, Figures, and Other Materials
Lord of the Rings 50th Anniversary UK Stamps - Addendum
by AndyBirdUK (16 Sep)
Recent Acquisitions
Re: Updated US Clarion/William Morrow Trade Hobbit
by remy (Yesterday)
Audio and Video Materials
Re: BBC Dramatisation Collectables
by AndyBirdUK (Yesterday)
Collector's Marketplace
Re: Interesting listings
by Laurin (Yesterday)
Tolkien Collector's Guide Website
Re: Tolkien's Letters - Livestream this Friday
by Tuor son of Huor (21 Jul)
Other Websites
Re: Tolkien's Pine Tree
by Tuor son of Huor (22 Sep)
Research Questions
Re: impressions/printings of facsimile hobbit in giftset
by Huan (20 Aug)
Letters Discussion
Re: Discuss Letter #1119 (J.R.R. Tolkien to Edith Bratt • 8 August 1914)
by onthetrail (22 Sep)

Rings of Power
Re: Amazon Prime Video content to start including ads next year
by northman (Yesterday)
The War of the Rohirrim
Release Date moved from April 2024 to December 2024
by Trotter (25 Aug)
The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Game
Re: “Sneaking, Sneaking” : hands-on with The Lord of the Rings: Gollum
by Urulókë (30 Jun)
Other Adaptations
Tales of the Shire
by Trotter (22 Sep)

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