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Books and other printed materials
Re: Do you have any Ballantine/DelRey edition of The Hobbit? Take this survey.
by Ugo Truffelli (15 hours ago)
Calendars, Posters and other Artwork
2023 Beyond Bree Calendar available for pre-order
by Urulókë (Sep 21)
General Collecting Forum
Re: Recent Acquisitions
by Trotter (10 hours ago)
Other Websites
Re: Historic Lamb & Flag pub to reopen
by Urulókë (Sep 27)
Toys, Games, Figures, and Other Materials
Re: Melbourne House Hobbit Game
by Urulókë (Sep 27)
Tolkien Collector's Guide Website
Mazarbûl - the online Tolkien collecting Smial of The Tolkien Society
by Urulókë (Sep 2)
Fanzines and other Periodicals
Re: Astra's Tower at FANAC Fanzine Index
by Urulókë (Aug 22)
Audio and Video Materials
Re: TCG YouTube Season 1 episode 15 - LanceFormation and his Fantastic Tolkien Book Collection
by remy (Sep 24)
Collector's Marketplace
Re: New eBay listings submitted
by Trotter (14 hours ago)
Research Questions
Re: Help needed to identify LotR text variations
by zionius (Jul 28)
Signatures and Autographs
Re: Handwritten letter to Clemence Dane at RR Auction closing August 10
by Trotter (Aug 11)

Rings of Power
Re: Deadline Hollywoods Inside The Ring of Power
by Trotter (5 hours ago)
The War of the Rohirrim
Re: Philippa Boyens on The War of the Rohirrim
by Trotter (Jun 28)
Other Adaptations
‘I saw the possibility of what could be done – so I did it’: The Hobbit turns 40
by Trotter (Sep 22)
The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Game
Re: Trailer for The Lord of the Rings: Gollum
by Khamûl (Jul 10)

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