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(did you mean Carpenter's Letter #166?)

TCG Letter #166 / Carpenter Letter #77

J.R.R. Tolkien
Christopher Tolkien
31 July 1944
Tolkien reports in a newly published portionLetters, 2023[1] that he had received Christopher's airletter of 24 July. He says that his day on Friday was “grim”, as he was teaching “drowsy” cadets who had one eye on the weekend. He notes that he had found comfort in some cider and wine, along with a barrel of beer. He says that his mind “runs rather on alcohol” at these times.

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In another newly published portionLetters, 2023[2] Tolkien reminds Christopher to take care of himself in body and spirit, noting that he does not belong wholly to himself, referring to God as the delegator of fatherhood and offers a Latin phrase “Deus unde omnis paternitas et omnis caritas custodiat te pro me cui te dedit et quem tibi praestavit” translating to “May God, from whom all father-hood and all charity come, keep you for me to whom he gave you and whom he has provided for you”.

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