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(did you mean Carpenter's Letter #179?)

TCG Letter #179 / Carpenter Letter #90

J.R.R. Tolkien
Christopher Tolkien
24 November 1944
Tolkien and Edith had been amused by Christopher Tolkien's account of the Wings Ceremony. He wondered how his son had seen and remembered a quotation from the Exeter Book Gnomics. Seeing Anglo-Saxon that Christopher had written had cheered him.

Tolkien says that he is teaching Old English to a lot of young people who have no practical knowledge of the subject with which to gain any useful information and that yesterday he was redrafting the Committee on Emergency Exams, in a new published portionLetters. 2023[1] Tolkien says that is they are accepted, Christopher will when he returns be able to retake “Shortened Honours” or “Full” hobours

An evening Inklings event had taken place. He had reached the Mitre at 8, joined C.W. and the Red Admiral, drank a bit, then joined C.S.L and Owen Barfield. C.S.L. was highly flown, all were in good fettle, and O.B. was the only one who could tackle C.S.L. Tolkien had stayed until 12:30.

The letter closes with another newly published part,Letters. 2023[2] Tolkien says that he and Edith had tea in the market and he typed up Committee paperwork and attended a General Board meeting.

1 Letters. 2023
2 Letters. 2023

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