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TCG Letter #1807

J.R.R. Tolkien
Mabel Day (Early English Text Society)
5 January 1936
Tolkien writes to Mabel Day of the EETS, firstly apologising for his delayed reply which had been requested by the end of 1935. He explains that his assistant, Elaine Griffiths, had to travel home and is only just back to work.

He will accept the offer to produce the Ancrene Riwle but feels he must explain the work so far completed on the text. He has transcribed much of the manuscript, and has completed the vocabulary and grammar of the 'AB' variant of the manuscript. He will have to collate his work against the Cambridge manuscripts for this project.

He asks if once this work is completed, the Society might be interested in his work on Seinte Katerine.He and Simonne d'Ardenne have already prepared this text.[1]

1 He and Simonne d'Ardenne have already prepared this text.

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