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TCG Letter #1814

J.R.R. Tolkien
A.W. Pollard (Early English Text Society)
?16 January 1936
Tolkien writes to A.W. Pollard of the EETS on or shortly after this date. Wayne Hammond and Christina Scull note that two versions of this letter exist, one being a draft.Chronology, p. 195[1] But Pollard will inform Mabel Day that he never received a letter from Tolkien from around this date.See note for '16 January 1936' and '30 August 1937' in Chronology, p. 195 and p. 844[2]

Tolkien argued in a long letter that retaining texts line-by-line offers advantages to scholars working on texts and manuscripts. He notes that he has already prepared almost a complete text on the Cambridge manuscript. He says that following the EETS' plan would make more work and require already set references to be revised and would slow work on the Ancrene Wisse and other texts. But in the event, Tolkien will bow to the EETS' plans.

1 Chronology, p. 195
2 See note for '16 January 1936' and '30 August 1937' in Chronology, p. 195 and p. 844
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