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TCG Letter #363

Joy Hill
Colin Smythe
August 12, 1968
Typed Letter Signed
Smythe had written back to Tolkien on July 1 saying that he was sorry to hear about Tolkien's accident, and sending along a copy of his latest publication Looking Forward to the Seventies. He then also wrote on August 5th asking about Tolkien's health.

In this reply, written by Tolkien's secretary, she says that Tolkien's let still needs another month, but she will remind him of this request.

Mentioned in "Eorclanstanas or The Hobbitiana" (Precious Stones), M. Hime bookseller catalog, 1980, item #45

The conversation continues in Letter from Joy Hill to Colin Smythe • October 25, 1968 (#364). The prior letter in the conversation is Letter from Joy Hill to Colin Smythe • June 26, 1968 (#362).
Precious Stones (catalogue), 1980, item 45

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