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TCG Letter #614 / Carpenter Letter #239

J.R.R. Tolkien
Alina Dadlez
20 July 1962
Writing to Alina Dadlez, Tolkien explains his displeasure at the Spanish translation of 'Hobbit' and remarks back to the "private fancies" of the translators, noting "Hompen" as a bad example.Letters, 2023.[1]

He mentions that if gnomos is used in transaltion for the dwarves, it absolutely cannot be used on p. 63 (the elves that are now called Gnomes). He goes on to offer changes that should be made, including the reference to 'gnomes' being entirely removed on page 173, line 14.Letters, 1981[2]

He finishes by saying that had he been consulted earlier, he would have been open to a naturalization of the form in Spanish, and gives 'hobitos' as an example.Chronology, p. 626[3]

This letter is held at the 'Tolkien–George Allen & Unwin archive, HarperCollins'.

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