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TCG Letter #384 / Carpenter Letter #347

J.R.R. Tolkien
Richard Jeffery
17 December 1972
Autograph Letter
A reply to the following questions: (1) Does ‘Speak, friend, and enter’ (the inscription over Moria Gate) mean ‘Speak as a friend’, i.e. in a friendly voice? (2) None of the Kings of Gondor and Arnor has a name ending in a vowel, as most Quenya names do. Is this to make them less strange in a Sindarin context, whereas the descendants of Castamir, who presumably regarded the later kings as halfbreeds, asserted their pure blood with ‘aggressively Quenya names’? (3) Only men, not Elves, seem to use Quenya at all in Middle-earth for names. Elendil and his sword Narsil are Quenya; Gil-galad and his spear Aiglos are Sindarin, though he was King of the High-elves. Is this related to the absence of artificial pomp among elves? (4) Does tyelpe (the name of the letter ty) correspond to celeb, silver? (5) Could Aragorn mean ‘tree-king’ (with lenition of gorn to orn in Celeborn, etc.), and Arathorn possibly ‘Two-trees-king’, with reference to the Two Trees?

A photocopy with a complete transcript is held at the Marquette archives.

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