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Antykwariat Sobieski/ Sobieski Antiquarian Bookstore presents TOLKIEN - WLADCA PIERSCIENI / THE LORD OF THE RINGS 1st edition from 1961-3. skin Be sure to read the data about our company or the rarity of Polish books. Details under the photos. TOLKIEN J.R.R. WLADCA PIERSCIENI / THE LORD OF THE RINGS  Wol. I-III [comlete set] The Fellowship of The Rings Two towers The return of the King First Polish edition!Wydawnictwo Czytelnik, Warszawa/ Warsaw 1961-3r., 2 maps; format 15x21,5 cmHARDCOVER FULL LEATHER BINDING. A DECORATIVE CASE WITH A CUT-OUT CIRCLE FROM WHICH THE EYE OF SAURON LOOKS COMPLETE THE WHOLE. PRESERVED FRONT COVER ELEMENTS [LOOSE] GOOD CONDITION/ minor soiling and discoloration on the paper in the first volume, LUXURIOUS COPY   Online antiquarian Sobieski  - a unique offer Sobieski Antiquarian Bookstore is an antiquities shop and an online store where you will find valuable, rare old books of high value and historical significance. We have been on the market for over a dozen years, collecting an impressive collection of unique works printed in Poland hundreds of years ago. What distinguishes us from other antique shops are not only beautiful things for sale, but also the form of activity - we work online, so that individual copies can be ordered from us online. All items come from legal sources - we can even issue a company certificate confirming the authenticity and originality of each item in our offer. Our assortment includes unique items on the bibliophile market, rare books and old prints, but also luxurious leather binding. A few notes for collectors from abroad. The rarity of Polish books. We make every effort to ensure that the facilities we offer are accurately described and photographed.Due to the history of the Polish state abounding in various armed conflicts, several partitions and partitions of Poland [when the country disappeared from the maps of the world and its culture was destroyed by the occupant], then the 2 world wars, followed by the time of sovietization and the People's Republic of Poland, antique books in Polish language are usually much more rare than their alternative editions in the world. When there are many copies of The Little Prince in the first edition on the international market, the first Polish edition from 1947 is a real rarity. When there are many copies of Kuba in the world, the Polish pre-war edition has appeared on the market several times in the last 25 years. It should also be added that in Poland we sometimes compromise by adding a title card or other cards or dust jacket in a copy [which of course is always marked], because for some titles it may not be possible to find a complete copy in life. Please keep these comments in mind. Polish antique books can be very rare! Execution of orders We operate quickly and efficiently - like any online store. All old books and even old prints from our offer can be ordered online via the website. We carry out orders by Poczta Polska or send them by courier. The order fulfillment time should not exceed 5 business days, most often we will prepare and send the shipment within twenty-four hours from the moment of placing and paying for the order. We work with domestic and foreign customers (in this case we set shipping costs individually). In the case of buying antique books, the age of which exceeds one hundred years and their value exceeds PLN 6,000. PLN - in the case of a single book or 15 thousand. PLN - in the case of a set, a permit for their export is required. Please do not be afraid, our second-hand bookstore will arrange all formalities related to obtaining the appropriate consent on your behalf.  
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