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Seller: nodens100
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Marcellus, Michigan, US
Ended May 13, 2024 4:16:52 AM UTC
Category: Books & Magazines:Antiquarian & Collectible
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Letters from Father Christmas by J.R.R. Tolkien London: Collins [HarperCollins] 1995 This is an unusual item. It is a mock up by the British publisher before the design for the book was set. This was sent to the American publisher Houghton Mifflin (and later given to me by Houghton) as a sample so the American publisher could decide how many printed copies to order in advance. The book was to be printed overseas (it ended up being printed in China), so the UK and US publishers combined their order for reasons of cost. I have thirteen photos to illustrate the differences between this mock-up and the edition as published. Photos 1 through 3 show the front cover, title page (note the imprint says only Collins), the copyright page (with placeholder information, like the statement "Printed and bound.........." without a destination). Photo 4 is a close up of that part of the copyright page. Photo 5 shows the rear cover--note that there is no price, and no bar code for the price to the right of the ISBN bar code. Photos 6 through 10 show the differences found on several pages of the mock-up: on top are the mock-up pages, with the published pages (the published book is not included in this listing, but the pages are shown for demonstrative purposes) immediately below. Photo 6 is an example of the difference in envelopes containing pull-out letters-- the mock-up uses plain white paper for the envelopes, whereas the published version uses a more cream-colored paper for the envelopes. Photos 7, 8 and 10 show that the captions over the envelopes were changed (e.g., shortened to "Goblins" in 7, or completely removed as in 10). 9 shows the white envelope at top, with a light sketch that was replaced by a black envelope using a different illustration. Photos 11 through 13 show, for comparison only (again, a copy of the published version is not included in this listing), the published copyright page (11; compare with 3 and 4 above), rear cover (12; compare with 5 above), and title page (13; note the publisher's imprint as different from 2 above). A very good copy of doubtlessly rare item.
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