The Two Towers
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"The Ring of Words" describes the powerful and unique relationship between Tolkien's creative use of language in his fictional works and his professional work on the "Oxford English Dictionary." Tolkien's earliest employment was as an assistant on the staff of the "OED," and he later said that he had 'learned more in those two years than in any other equal part of [his] life'. Here three authors, themselves senior editors of the "OED," engage directly with Tolkien's language and his fictional world. Two discursive sections explore Tolkien as a lexicographer and his creativity as a word user and creator; while the main section of the book is made up of individual 'word studies' which explore words found in Tolkien's fiction in terms of their origins, development, and significance in his fictional world. Words such as 'hobbit', 'attercop', 'precious', 'Smeagol', and 'waybread' are explored in fascinating detail. "The Ring of Words" offers a new and unexplored angle on the creative world of one of our most famous and well-loved writers, presenting new archive material for the first time.
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