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Seller: thehmain
99.8% positive
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US
Ended Feb 13, 2024 11:37:59 PM UTC
Category: Books & Magazines:Books
Buyer: a***s (175)
Condition: VF/NM, very nice copy
Price Guide says $???; I say we don’t need no steenking price guides! Buy more than one item this week and all items after the first ship for only 25 cents postage per item. Buy in bulk; save like the Hulk! Let’s talk grading for a second. Excuse the rant, but slabbing comics is the biggest scam in the history of collecting. I know several major dealers who have sent in big ticket books, been disappointed with the grade, unslabbed the books, resubmitted them, and got a different grade that was more to their liking. Want more proof? Last year at a convention, 4 dealers with 120+ years of grading experience looked at a book and agreed that it was a 5.5-6.5. We all compromised at 6.0. The buyer submitted the book to CGC and some jack leg who probably hasn’t been alive as long as any of the four dealers graded it a 3.5. I have been grading books for 40 years and if you look at my feedback, you will see that almost always my customers are very satisfied with my grading. However none of that is important for several reasons, but the number one reason is …….. wait for it …….. GRADING IS SUBJECTIVE. I absolutely refuse to argue with any customer on a $25 price guide book that he bought on line for $10, and he wanted a $3 partial refund because I had grade the book Fine and he thought it was a VG+ at best! (Yes, this actually happened). Yet I have been selling books online since 1997 and never once has someone sent me more money because he thought I had under graded a book (go figure). When you and I disagree on a grade, no one is an idiot, and there is no right or wrong; we simply have different perceptions of what makes a book achieve a certain grade. Here’s the deal; if you buy a book or books from me and you are unsatisfied, you may return the item for a 100% refund less only your return shipping costs, and your money will be immediately and cheerfully refunded. Of course if I miss something major (like a coupon cut out or a missing page). I will even refund your return postage. There is no need to file a case with eBay, just let me know, and I will take care of the problem. Life is too short to make people unhappy. I do this for a hobby, and making friends is more important than milking customers for every possible cent. Holla’ if you hear me, and I would love to hear your feelings on this issue. Thanks for listening and enjoy my auctions. Thehmain
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