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Condition: A solid good copy for its age, certainly has some expected shelf wear, but nothing unusual, see pics!
A beautiful find, this 1966 copyright Jerusalem Bible Standard Edition Hardcover with Dust Jacket British Edition with J. R. Tolkien as one of the principal contributors. At this price, it won't last long, so snatch it up if you want it and enjoy! PRIORITY SHIPPING in a box for safe keeping! This Bible Measures approx. 6X9.5X2.25" in size, on the large side The Font Type Size is approx. 9 point which is about average, probably one you'll need your reading glasses for THE CONDITION OF YOUR LEATHER BIBLE IS IMPORTANT: Please note that all the used leather Bibles I sell have been cleaned and conditioned adding years of life and increased suppleness and lay-flat ability. DESCRIPTION: Please review my detailed descriptions if the Bible is Used, if listed as New it will be exactly that new on the shelf condition. One caveat is that Bibles used to be shrink-wrapped when new, but this is no longer the case; however, it will have the original box or sleeve to be considered new. If you are like me, the general and ambiguous descriptions on Amazon and many eBay listings is both frustrating and unnecessary. I like to know what I'm getting and see the item, especially if it is used and has some issues. I strive very hard to give the most detailed and useful descriptions so you know exactly what you are getting. Please review carefully and make sure it is the item you want before purchasing. Thank you for your trust! SHIPPING: I pack and ship my items very carefully so you get exactly what was advertised and please let me know if it is received any differently! COMBINED SHIPPING DISCOUNTS: I do offer a combined shipping discount for more than one item purchased. I take the highest shipping amount on a listing, and then add $1 for each additional unit added (so if a set of 6 books, that would add $6.) To do this, you must submit a best offer that I accept, and then wait to pay until I invoice you the savings. THE PRICE YOU SEND IN BEST OFFER TO DD: Note, please do not send me a certain dollar offer for me to accept, and then in your notes suggest a different price or free shipping. Please communicate via sending me a message first and we can negotiate that way. This is not only more fair, but is standard practice, thank you! NOTE: At this point I'm only set up on PayPal for payment. I CANNOT SEND TO A CORRECTIONAL FACILITY ON EBAY: Just know that this illegal, and has to be done through Amazon Prime or Barnes & Noble and not a third party. Them's the rules and nuttin we can do about it, sorry! If you send thru an order to go to a Correctional Facility I'll have to cancel and refund your money, again apologies.
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