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Ended Apr 18, 2024 4:29:34 PM UTC
Category: Collectibles:Fantasy, Mythical & Magic:Lord of the Rings:Figurines, Statues, Busts
J.R.R.TOLKIEN the Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings Set of 9 Solid Pewter : Lord of the Rings FiguresTHE COMPANY OF THE RING :THE NINE WALKERS by 'Shire Evocations'all with Certificate of Authenticity with number VERY VERY RARE i know they were blocked selling by the Tolkien Enterprises the estate the publisher of the author i was just lucky to ORDER august 1993 and got the complete set just in time i found on the internet following information: REDDIT : The set includes the complete 'Fellowship' - Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Boromir, Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin. The taller figures stand at 5 inches, the smaller ones are 3 inches.Specific information about these has been quite hard to come by, but my current belief is that they may be a test-run for a line that ultimately never went into commercial production. I'll break down the information I've managed to put together after talking to local hobby stores and second-hand dealers.I've found very little record of Shire Evocations, other than as a company that noted figurine sculptor Bob Olley has worked for, listed here. As such, with no apparent signatures or marks on the figures themselves, and no further information about Shire Evocations beyond this association, I'm identifying Olley as a possible artist.Each has a medallion on the base which identifies it as No. 1 from a limited edition of 103, except for Frodo which is identifies as No. 1 from an edition of 113. I have not, however, found any evidence that the series was ever actually produced commercially. A brief mention on this blog suggests the production company may never have received permission from the Tolkein estate to sell them.In terms of providence, all I know is that the previous owner received them as a gift from an elderly relative in 1991 - based on the above, my expectation is that this relative may have received them as a gift from the artist or somebody at that company, rather than buying them commercially.In terms of condition, 7 of them have no obvious wear or discolouration to the figures themselves, but the Boromir figure's hand has snapped off (though remains in good, repairable condition), and the Merry figure's feet are attached only very loosely to the base (the others are entirely secure). The glue/varnish in the base which holds the medallion is a discoloured brown colour rather than fully transparent - the person I spoke to at a local hobby store suggested that this might support the idea that these were a test run, because one would expect them to be clear on a finished product, implying a cheaper glue was used.And that's... absolutely everything I've been able to find out. No current/previous sales to compare against, no record of them being commercially available, and only vague references to them existing at all in the first place. For all I know, they were never supposed to make it out of the artist's workshop. But does any of that give them any value? Extra note I did got 20 booklets with order formssssss ?? I'm sure you LIKE this VERY RARE 9 WALKERS for yourJ.R.R.TOLKIEN COLLECTION But if you have a question or want more details or pictures ? please ask& REMEMBER YOU ALWAYS CAN MAKE ME A BID OFFER ??Payment : EBAY SYSTEM / OR ANY OTHER WAY AS WE LIKEMailing : priority mail (risk buyer) THE ARE HEAVYLIKE to combine shipments so we hope to save on mailingcost (I MAKE A PICTURE OF THE COVER BEFORE SENDING TO BE SURE-PROOF FOR THE RIGHT ADDRESS)I go ones a week to town to the Postoffice so please understand the delivery time !!GOOD LUCK BIDDING
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