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Map of Middle Earth 1970 1st Impression

14 Jan, 2009
2009-1-14 3:05:16 AM UTC

I have one in decent, although not fantastic shape, that has been with me for years. I can find very little information on it and none for sale. If I were so inclined to part with it, anyone have any idea what price range I should be looking to sell it at?


Note: I have attached a picture of a map from the same generation as an example (not an actual photo of mine)

308_496d566c18082.gif 330X500 px
17 Jan, 2009
2009-1-17 1:33:33 PM UTC
I'm no expert on this map or its value. But as there have been no other replies, I'll offer this comment. It is worth whatever you and a seller agree upon. Please do not think that I am being sarcastic. It may be difficult to put a value on it because it is an uncommon item. I search eBay A LOT for items and don't recall it coming up recently. An advanced search there did not turn up any (or even any similar ones) in any current auctions or at any eBay stores. So it's at least uncommon if not rare (a word used far too frequently on eBay.) Condition can add or detract from an item's value. If it were folded rather than stored flat or rolled up in a tube, that will hurt its value as will tears, creases, holes (usually from pinning to a wall), foxing or stains, etc. It's a nice item. Should you decide to part with it, I'd suggest eBay. You get a large audience and you can set a minimum price to pry it from you. But what that minimum is . . . ?

Away from The Green Hill Country,

18 Jan, 2009
2009-1-18 8:50:58 AM UTC
It depends on which copy of the map you have, 50 copies of the map were printed for Allen & Unwin staff and they have a 'privately printed' label on them. 7500 were also printed on Cartridge paper and then an unknown quantity on glossy paper. (From J.R.R. Tolkien: A Descriptive Bibliography (page 376) by Wayne G.Hammond and Douglas A.Anderson).

The most valuable copies are the privately printed copies, some of which were signed by Tolkien and/or Pauline Baynes. Abebooks has an example of an unsigned copy for over a £1000. If you have the non-glossy poster then these are much more common, and the glossy posters are even more common. Having said that these posters do not often appear on Ebay so you may be able to get £30-£50 for it.
7 Dec, 2009
2009-12-7 1:16:41 AM UTC
I bought a copy of this map in ~1973 and kept it for ~ 9 years and then inexplicably tossed it when preparinf for a move.
Wish I hadn't.
Anybody know where I can buy a copy of this map (for less than US$1,600.00)?!
7 Dec, 2010
2010-12-7 7:37:17 PM UTC
So, I recently bought a copy of this Pauline Baynes poster on eBay (the 7500 print run). It is still in the original plastic. Now, I have a quick question, as I do not usually collect posters.

I was thinking of getting it framed. Would it retain its value better if I kept it in the original plastic?

I welcome any thoughts or comments.

7 Dec, 2010
2010-12-7 8:42:36 PM UTC
When it comes to posters, I don't consider re-sale value. If I like one enough, up it goes on the wall. If not (or, more likely if there's not enough room on the walls) I keep 'em in their wraps.
7 Dec, 2010
2010-12-7 9:13:38 PM UTC
Hi Josh,

Congrats on buying the poster. I was the underbidder in that auction.

In terms of retaining value, personally I would pay more for a poster in the original plastic than a framed one.

However, in terms of personal pleasure, it would obviously be nice to display it on a wall where it can be appreciated.

Just my 2 cents.
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