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The Wonders of...

The Wonders of...

Feb 16, 2009 (edited)

Having just spent a lot of money on what I think is a rare item, eBay often comes up trumps with what can only be described as What???? ... |65%3A3|39%3A1|240%3A1318
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Jan 31, 2013
Khamul - If you know where I can get one far cheaper, please let me know. There is only one listed on Abebooks at the moment and as I said, I stopped bidding when the price passed that one. There was a cheap one listed a few months ago which sold within minutes of being listed. I tried to buy it but the seller had to email me to say that it had already sold and the impression I got was that I was not the only one who had unsuccessfully tried to buy it.

On another topic, am I the only one who is currently being redirected to when I try to get on the site?
Jan 31, 2013
I don't really know; I just don't think you need to pay that much. And, as I said, how do you know it's a first? I bought my 1st imp. copy in 2006 (so long, long after publication) for £3.95 on eBay. John Howe signed it at the Edinburgh Book Festival a few years later. I have a 2nd & 3rd imp., but didn't pay much for them either. Keep an eye on "Interesting eBay Auctions" --one will be flagged up eventually.

For issues: see other thread.

Jan 31, 2013 ... ster-swordsmiths-edition/

Orcrist is made with the same attention to detail that the swordsmiths of the lost realm of Gondolin would have required.

And only $10K a piece!
Feb 5, 2013
For those of you wanting to snap up a nice little paperback Silmarillion...

Voyager Classics - The Silmarillion,GOOD Book

Remember, it's only in "Good" condition...


Feb 5, 2013
So, he messed around with a photo on his computer and he wants money for it? here's what he has to say -

"I was at an art fair and a Nice Guy from Mew York Came by and commissioned "something Lord Of The Rings" so this is what I came up with and then made some prints to share the love. Ive read all the books, and have always been a fan, so Im very glad this piece was commissioned."
Feb 7, 2013
Way over the top price, I seem to remember that these were less than £50 when first issued. ... ks_UK&hash=item4d0965599f

Feb 7, 2013


£550 for "THE HOBBIT 1956-1959-1961-1961-1966" with no dust-jackets the spines have suffered quite a lot. They are starting to look more like US Hobbits ... ks_UK&hash=item337faf87c1

10_511418c8c3cdf.jpg 643X486 px
Feb 8, 2013
Do we believe in the authenticity of the signature? I don't think so, and therefore it is a very expensive drawing. ... tings&hash=item35c442fe0d

Feb 8, 2013
Bit of a bidding war going on on this one, very, very sad Dust-jacket for this age Hobbit ... ks_UK&hash=item5652a62553

10_511568f6d24ba.jpg 533X1647 px
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