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4 Feb, 2011
2011-2-4 5:21:30 AM UTC
I will try and get in touch with the police today to discuss the south coast incident, and also make sure that they are aware of our Canadian friend.
4 Feb, 2011
2011-2-4 7:31:36 AM UTC
Brilliant news indeed
Just wish i had brought that typewriter though!
4 Feb, 2011
2011-2-4 8:30:32 AM UTC
If you wish I hold three letters and a portrait that I picked up from him... if it is the same seller and you need a case. I can sent them over! I bought them to be able to show them on lecture and document the situation!
4 Feb, 2011 (edited)
2011-2-4 6:00:55 PM UTC
This will be my last post on this subject for a while as the individual concerned will be facing a court trial, I am assisting the police and I do not want anything on this site to prejudice that trial.

So in closing ... ake_Churchill_signatures/

"Last night, eBay were unavailable for comment."

Just like for the last couple of years.
6 Feb, 2011
2011-2-6 12:32:04 AM UTC
When something like the following shows up for sale:
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Seller: frogtown
Ended Feb 7, 2011
This item ended more than 90 days ago

how does one determine whether or not it is potentially authentic or fraudulent?

6 Feb, 2011
2011-2-6 2:08:03 AM UTC
Generally, most of the fraudulent letters use blue ink for the signature, though not all letters signed in blue are "fakes." That one there is certainly not signed by Tolkien. I believe this letter was discussed on this forum somewhere when it first came up for sale on eBay(?).
6 Feb, 2011
2011-2-6 5:41:30 AM UTC

Have a look at this article from Beren's website. ... ke_Tolkien_Signatures.php

and you will notice a strong similarity between the eBay item and the contents of the article. I would not recommend anyone buys this letter.
7 Feb, 2011
2011-2-7 3:59:53 PM UTC
Gandolf's Teapot. Anyone care to comment on this? Personally, I am at a complete loss. ... 81744554625#ht_500wt_1158

7 Feb, 2011
2011-2-7 5:36:12 PM UTC
Now this beats any typewriter any day. What a bargain and i net it makes good tea.
7 Feb, 2011
2011-2-7 5:44:29 PM UTC
I can't wait to find Gandalf's typewriter on eBay, I'm sure it must be out there somewhere.
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