Not to take anything away from Stephen Raw's Lord of the Rings maps as collector's items, offered at, but it isn't correct to claim that since they first appeared in 1994 "all subsequent English editions have included them".

For the 50th anniversary edition in 2004, both HarperCollins and Houghton Mifflin reverted to the revised general Middle-earth map Christopher Tolkien drew for Unfinished Tales, the original large-scale map of Rohan, Gondor, and Mordor by Christopher (emended by Houghton Mifflin and later by HarperCollins), and Christopher's original map of a part of the Shire. In subsequent HarperCollins printings and editions, Christopher's maps have been retained. In subsequent Houghton Mifflin printings, Raw's maps are used, except for 'A Part of the Shire' which has remained Christopher's version. Ballantine Books included Raw's general map as of later printings of The Lord of the Rings during the run of the Jackson films, previously using redrawings by Shelly Shapiro.

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