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Some Moseley Personalities Volume 1

Some Moseley Personalities Volume 1

Sep 8, 2010 (edited)

Some Moseley Personalities Volume 1.
Publisher: Moseley Local History Society, 1991
Featuring: The Balden Family; Joseph Chamberlain; Percy Harrison; Sir John Holder; Sir Barry Jackson; Cyril Lander; Joseph, Harry & Oliver Lucas; Sir Herbert Manzoni; Sidney H Meteyard & Kate Eadie; Henry Morton, JRR Tolkien; William Dyke Williamson

Does anybody have a copy of this booklet/pamphlet or has anybody heard of it? It contains a chapter on Tolkien (and his life in Birmingham?).
Sep 8, 2010
We have it, and refer to it in the Companion and Guide, at the end of the article on Birmingham (p. 117). The chapter on Tolkien (pp. 28-33) is notable for having five photos of Tolkien's and Tolkien's grandparents' homes.

Wayne & Christina
Sep 9, 2010
Thank you for the information. I couldn't check the Companion & Guide, because it's in my student's apartment. But I'll checked when I'm there again.
There was a copy of the booklet on eBay, which I was following (and perhaps to buy), but it has sold today or yesterday. Did someone of you bought it? If so, can you give me quick review when you get it?
Sep 12, 2010
This is a 36-page booklet, of which 5-1/2 pages are devoted to Tolkien. The biographical text by Roy Thomas adds a little local history to what can be had from other sources, mainly Carpenter, and has some inaccuracies. It is accompanied by 5 small modern black and white photos of Tolkien's grandparents' homes in Church and Ashfield roads; the Tolkien home at Gracewell; and the Tolkiens' homes in Alcester and Westfield roads.

We found our copy a few years ago on Abebooks. The two currently on that site are relatively expensive, one ridiculously so at $219!

Wayne & Christina
Sep 12, 2010
(Is there a vol. 2 too?) There was a copy on eBay very recently (can't find it, must have gone) for Buy-It-Now (~)£12; better then $219!
Sep 13, 2010
(Is there a vol. 2 too?)

Yes, there is, and apparently both it and vol. 1 (with JRRT) are available for purchase from the Moseley Society - or at least are still listed among their publications. Vol. 1 is priced at only £1.50, vol. 2 (with no name I recognize among the subjects) at £2.00 - plus postage, I'd imagine. See

Sep 13, 2010
Reading this thread a couple of days ago, I went to the web site of the Moseley Society and ordered the publication (vol. 1). It just arrived with the mail today, so yes, they still have some volumes left for purchase.
Sep 23, 2010
I got myself a copy too, and there was a post card accompanying it from the secretary with some information. I'll post a photo or scan of it as soon as I can, but here's the text on the back of it:

"This building is very close to 214 Alcester Road so JRRT would have known it well. We (the Moseley Society, I suspect) also look after an ice house and the entrance is very hobbit-hole-ish. JRRT was known to stay nearby with a friend when a teenager so we tell people its the original hobbit-hole."
Sep 24, 2010
Sorry for the double post but here are the pictures of the booklet and the postcard.

205_4c9ca8278a2b3.jpg 922X1229 px

205_4c9ca832399a7.jpg 692X922 px
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