Hello all,

I have the Linguaphone English conversational course suitcase which I have to sell because of my upcoming re-location and lack of storage space in my future apartment.

The item is located in Finland, and since it was targeted at the Finnish market, all the textbooks are in Finnish. The records themselves are in English, of course.

The set contains a briefcase housing 15 records (78RPM), each in its own thick paper sleeve. There are also 4 booklets in Finnish.

NOTE: The set is missing the first record, containing the first two lessons ("A Family" and "Visit"). The two episodes containing prof. Tolkien's contribution are there. There is also supposedly a textbook that was once a part of the set, but it has gone missing too.

About the condition:

The briefcase is intact but worn around the corners. The latches are working. The records are old and played but I listened through them all and they play without skipping. The booklets are generally in a good shape, but the cover of one has been bent at some point, and there is a rip in one page in one of the booklets.

I have transferred the records to my computer and can provide audio samples.

Should anyone be interested in this, I can provide photographs upon request. I don't know the exact value of this collectible, but please send any offers via PM and please contact me anyway for negotiations. International shipping is not a problem.

Best regards,

Timo Harjunen
Helsinki, Finland