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Ebay Item which has one of the 'short' 7th impression UK 1st Edition

2 Jun, 2011
2011-6-2 2:46:44 PM UTC

Hello, I was curious if anyone noticed the 'short' 7th imp Fellowship in this set listed on ebay,

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Seller: billy9660
Ended Jun 2, 2011
This item ended more than 90 days ago

I remember reading in The Tolkien Collector that some shorter copies had been seen, besides the 2nd & 3rd Fellowship. This is the first one I had actually seen photo's of, and thought someone else might be interested in noting it. Fairly unusual I do believe.


609_4de7a21897523.jpg 800X600 px

609_4de7a2283c553.jpg 800X600 px
2 Jun, 2011
2011-6-2 7:11:27 PM UTC
Probably 1,000 of these short copies were bound according to A&U correspondence, out of a total print run of A&U 4,000 copies.
The coloured top edge was also omitted.
Both errors due to Purnell & Sons, the printers/binders, who were also repsonsible for some copies of the 4th impression having silver lettering instead of gold.
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