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23 April
2024-4-23 9:51:42 AM UTC

AndyBirdUK wrote:

Should people update the Content details when they add new items or will Admin do that?

One of the admins will do that, but at least it is a bit easier to see what is already there.
23 April
2024-4-23 9:57:20 AM UTC
Tolkien Times October 1994

4419_662784928b97d.jpeg 1536X2048 px

4419_662784bb945ca.jpeg 1536X2048 px
23 April
2024-4-23 10:24:02 AM UTC
I think the content link to “1994 make it a magical Christmas” is to the wrong entry.

23 April
2024-4-23 12:04:55 PM UTC
Hole up with a Hobbit - Tolkien Times 1995

4419_6627a3b0487aa.jpeg 1536X2048 px

4419_6627a3cbcceb9.jpeg 3264X1756 px

4419_6627a3dc8e77c.jpeg 3264X1709 px
23 April (edited)
2024-4-23 5:52:36 PM UTC
Remy has already posted this HarperCollins brochure, but I have some images of the pages. I also think that this is from 2001, not 2002, as it says “New for 2001”.

4419_6627f3d20aa03.jpeg 3264X2448 px

4419_6627f3e6f2109.jpeg 3264X1236 px

4419_6627f3fb8760c.jpeg 3264X1222 px

4419_6627f41f1d098.jpeg 3264X1209 px

4419_6627f43ef0fe3.jpeg 3240X1195 px

4419_6627f45aa3b1e.jpeg 3264X1209 px

4419_6627f47829702.jpeg 3264X1232 px

4419_6627f4a6e92e2.jpeg 3264X1249 px

4419_6627f4dbb5f45.jpeg 3220X1249 px

4419_6627f4fc81bf5.jpeg 3217X1241 px

4419_6627f523e4169.jpeg 3264X2381 px
23 April
2024-4-23 5:56:50 PM UTC
I also think the brochure labeled 2001 is 2003 as it says “New for 2003”.
23 April
2024-4-23 6:03:35 PM UTC
I also have this HarperCollins brochure which I believe is from 2002.

4419_6627f7440c8dc.jpeg 3264X2448 px

4419_6627f7550a227.jpeg 3264X1232 px

4419_6627f76508dce.jpeg 3264X1216 px

4419_6627f77520799.jpeg 3264X1222 px

4419_6627f7b7ab092.jpeg 3264X2448 px
23 April
2024-4-23 6:08:35 PM UTC
Thanks all for contributing to this thread, quite a comprehensive list now
23 April (edited)
2024-4-23 9:02:29 PM UTC

AndyBirdUK wrote:

I also think the brochure labeled 2001 is 2003 as it says “New for 2003”.

Thanks Andy.

I probably quickly estimated a date when originally filing some time ago without looking properly......

[Edit] I have now updated earlier posts with correct years.
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