The Tolkien Brazil website as for objective not only being a portal for information and news about J. R. R. Tolkien, but also insure Brazilians and other Portuguese speaking fans access to new contents and publications about this wonderful writer and his works.

Having the role of disseminating the knowledge and increasing the publications in mind we now start the project “Tolkien Brazil Annual” (this isn’t yet the official name).

The idea is basically to do a publication in book format once a year. In that book there will be numerous interesting articles of Tolkien scholars from Tolkien Brazil e and other countries. The edition will have a diverse style in content, being a bilingual edition Portuguese-English.

This is a project that is still in its beginning and counts with the collaboration of all of you to make it something worthy of all Tolkien readers and enthusiasts.

How can I be a part of the project team?

We always have our doors open to good suggestions and even to accept new people that have special talents which can contribute in some way to the best quality of this publication. If you see that you can contribute in some way to the publication you can send us an e-mail and talk to us: Or if you prefer a more direct contact with someone who works at the website you can add or facebook profile:

How can I send my article?

If you intend to contribute with an article you can send it in .doc (Word) format to our e-mail:

The requirements are:

1 – Having at least 4 pages in A4 format on a Word file.

2 – Font size 12, Times New Roman, no spaces.

3 – The article style must be impersonal, argumentative, which can be informative or scientific (preferential).

4 – The direct quotes must be highlighted and differing from the author’s text.

5 – The article should have all the references for the information used and a bibliography for the books consulted at the end.

6 – It will be given preference new material, never published in other vehicle of information (internet, book, magazine, etc.).

The articles will be selected from those that are considered most interesting; that does not discard a publication in a following edition. We will also be accepting book reviews related to Tolkien.

The articles must be submitted to December 15th 2013.

Will you publish only articles?

The preference will be given to articles. But that won’t stop you from sending other interesting material for our evaluation, as poems, riddles, tales and diverse texts.

Can I send my drawings?

We have intent of publishing some arts made by Tolkien fans. You can send us your file in high resolution (approximate size 1200×700) to our e-mail: The drawing for inside publishing must be in black and white. But if you think that your colorful art deserves the cover of the book send us as well.

The publication does not intend to harm any copyright issues from any institution, so send us only unpublished material, created from your own ideas (meaning, don’t use the movies or anything pre-existing for your drawing, create art by yourself).

The drawing must be new, with no prior publishing online, magazine or any other disclosure form.

Will the publication be officially registered?

The publication will have all the registers normal for a book and all the required formalities, having a publisher, international register, book format, and so on. Furthermore, it will be given the deserved attention to legal copyright issues, as we intend to avoid problems related to that. So, if you are a college student this will be a valuable asset in your resume (depending on where you are studying), although this won’t be a official scientific publication. The publication will have a register as being a book and not a periodical, but those aspects are being analyzed to suit the publication to a format of everyone’s interest.

Will the publication have an electronic format or online publication?

There will be no electronic format. At first the book will only be published in a printed version.

How much will each copy cost?

The publication will be sold online or by website members. The objective is not to profit with this work, but to increase knowledge, so the value of the publication will be the minimum within the publishing values. We do not know the price by now, because we are still at the beginning of the project and checking those details.

How many copies will be published?

By know that as not been decided. But we intend to publish a sufficient number to make sure that all Tolkien fans desiring can acquire the book.
In which language will the book be?

The publication will be in a bilingual format. Being, it will have the English and Portuguese translation of the main articles of the publication, in order to preserve the universality of the book and democratize the information for other non Portuguese speaking fans.

The texts that are sent in English will be translated by the Tolkien Brazil website team, in the same way as the texts sent in Portuguese will be translated to English.

When is the publication scheduled to be finalized and available?

The final date for article submission is December 15th 2013. From that date on it will begin the editing, formatting and revision process. We do not have a precise date, but is possible that will be near the end of February 2014. ... gos-anual-tolkien-brasil/