Having obtained equivocal permission from Urulöké's last post saying "It never hurts to ask", I'm going to go out on a limb here. I've been dying to read the issues of the Tolkien Collector that aren't available as back issues. I understand that Findegil is always busy with so many other wonderful things to make all the issues available easily. So I was wondering, does anyone here have a complete set? I'm missing about half myself. Would it be terribly rude or too familiar to ask to borrow these from someone for a short time? I would gladly pay for any shipping/packaging costs and happily add an additional amount for the favor as well as compensating Findegil for making them in the first place. I've been doing some bibliographical work this past year and am constantly banging my head that I'm missing the useful information in these issues. Please feel very free to tell me if this sort of request is disrespectful in any way in the collecting community... I'm still pretty new here. Thank you for your patience!