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Interesting Hobbit
By garm
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Interesting Hobbit

May 27 (edited)

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I've not seen this little 'castle' picture on the title page before - it looks as if it's printed. Is it?

[EDIT: Title pg. image addedKhamûl]

125_5cebe040d0a45.jpg 1195X1600 px
May 27
It really does look printed, doesn't it? Could be stamped on; don't know why, but also a possibility.
May 27
My copy of the same 1975 printing does not have a castle on that page, looks to me like the original owner had a home printing kit and stamped that in.
May 27
Yeah, I think it is stamped. Paper colouring is a bit different near the castle too.
May 27
Saw this one a couple of weeks ago. My assumption was it was just an ink stamp. Can't really see what else it could be.
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