Hey all,

So I've discussed before, but I'd thought the topic will need its own thread.

Before I begin, I understand that there's a covid-19 situation, and books may not exactly be everyone's priority.

The nature of this post, is to address inconsistency.

The slipcased edition of Sir Gawain was still published on its indicated date, despite the virus, and that's the same date multiple retailers have had posted. It's all been the same across the board.

So, what the heck is the deal with The Fall of Gondolin paperback?? (ISBN 9780008302801)

In the UK, here are the dates:

HC site: June 25
Blackwell's: April 30 (yet out of stock)
Waterstones: June 25

Now, since I live in Canada, let's check a few sources there:

HC Canada site: August 18
Indigo: May 26
Amazon.ca (UK has no listing for it, by using the ISBN anyway) : April 30 ("currently unavailable")

The reason why I may seem antsy about this release, is because it will be a gift for my wife; though (this is the main part) it will be her final Tolkien Middle-earth paperback - and possibly final Tolkien book, period (she doesn't like the hardback format). So it's like "just one more......but when?!" and I'd like to get a first printing of that edition - if possible.

Thank you for your insight, and sorry for sounding like a broken record - I'm making this post because of the inconsistent dates, as you've seen above.