I have a question in regards to The Lord of the Rings 2014 illustrated slipcased edition.

I'm aware of some custom-made slipcases here and there (I believe one made to house the original UK editions of The Lord of the Rings, one for The History of Middle-earth, and various individual slipcases, such as for The Story of Kullervo.)

My question is, are there custom-made slipcases that can house the 2014 illustrated edition of The Lord of the Rings?

I would say that there could be some demand for it, as the primary negative aspect about that edition is the flimsy plastic slipcase: not many are fond of it. (someone on reddit I think it was suggested to keep the book out of the slipcase while it's a book you're currently reading. Once finished read through of the book, keep it in there when not in use to protect it. The more you take it in and out of the provided slipcase, the more either that or the book itself could get damaged).

Going even further, a possible re-binding of that edition may also preserve the spine really well. A re-bound and custom slipcased edition of that edition could indeed be very lovely.

Just something I thought of as I browsing Tolkien-related corners of the internet.