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19 Lakeside Road Poole

13 Apr, 2021 (edited)
2021-4-13 12:29:58 PM UTC

Was looking at this on Google Streetview, Tolkien's bungalow was demolished and replaced with two houses on the same plot, appropriately named Beren House and Luthien House

Google Streetview 19 Lakeside Road

10_60758e85af916.jpg 400X228 px

10_60758ea080f86.jpg 1663X736 px
13 Apr, 2021
2021-4-13 3:35:46 PM UTC
Thank you so much Trotter, this made my day!!!!
13 Apr, 2021
2021-4-13 3:52:29 PM UTC
If only there had been a Project Lakeside ?
13 Apr, 2021
2021-4-13 4:07:09 PM UTC
I like the before picture more than the after.
31 May, 2021
2021-5-31 2:53:40 AM UTC
I have been wanting to visit Bournemouth for quite some time now; should possibly try and take a picture of those two, too, and buy that fireplace as well.
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