Nerd of the Rings interviews Brian Sibley

Today, we welcome the writer of one of my absolute favourite Tolkien adaptations - the 1981 BBC Radio Dramatization of The Lord of the Rings - Brian Sibley! We talk about the radio drama celebrating its 40th anniversary, Brian's experience writing about Peter Jackson and his Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, the challenges of adapting for radio, why Tom Bombadil gets cut from adaptations, and much more!

00:00​-00:28​ Intro
00:28​-12:25​ 40th Anniversary of LOTR Audio Drama
12:25​-27:20​ Adapting LOTR for BBC
27:20​-37:03​ Being introduced to Tolkien
37:03​-50:58​ Challenges of the audio-only format
50:58​-01:02:29​ Favorite Scene from the BBC Adaptation
01:02:29​-01:14:39​ Initial thoughts of Peter Jackson's trilogy
01:14:39​-01:28:55​ The Incredible Christopher Lee
01:28:55​-01:37:16​ Christopher Lee corrects the SAS story
01:37:16​-02:02:15​ Writing a PJ Biography
02:02:15​-02:10:37​ The Hobbit Films
02:10:37​-02:12:29​ Guillermo del Toro
02:12:29​-02:16:29​ Adapting Tolkien
02:16:29​-02:23:40​ Why Tom Bombadil gets cut
02:23:40​-02:32:06​ LOTRonPrime: Hopes and Expectations
02:32:06​-02:48:53​ Middle-earth & Narnia
02:48:53​-03:04:55​ Rapid Fire Questions