At about 28 minutes 30 seconds into the programme

6. "Shall we listen to a song sung in Elvish?"

Discovery of a psyche-tinged Lord of the Rings LP reveals a mutual admiration for JRR Tolkien at Peel Acres. Although that might not get passed down to the next generation.

"Absolutely wonderful," says Damon. "I’m very lucky, my mum read me The Lord of the Rings when I was a kid. But it was the never the same after that. I looked for it in the films, but it’s denied everyone that individual universe that Tolkien created, and gave us an homogenous experience that we all carry now. My daughter wasn’t having any of it…"

Tom agrees. "I’ve got kids. I thought, ‘It’s time for The Hobbit!’ I got halfway through, and it’s like, ‘Dad, I’m bored…’ This is for me, not you! Don’t take this pleasure away from me!"

"I bet this is the first time you’ve had a song in Elvish on 6 Music."

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They make a right mess of the track names.