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Tolkien Collector's Guide
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18 Dec, 2023
2023-12-18 7:58:49 AM UTC
That's a great addition. Congratulations.
12 February
2024-2-12 7:23:48 PM UTC
I've been enjoying everyone's recent aquisition posts, come them coming!

Here are some (but not all) of the items added to the collection under The Hill over the past few months.

The Kalevala

Published in two volume sets by Every Man's Library starting in 1907. Pictured are two sets from 1915 and 1932 from left to right. Tolkien also had copies of these in his library.


The Hobbit

The somewhat mythical 16th printing and 1st thus in this paperback edition, published by GA&U 1966.


Beowulf: The Monsters and the Critics

One of 500 copies of Tolkien's lecture published for the British Academy in 1937.



Unnumbered copy of the 25 1st printings that were bound and sold through Temple Book Binders in 1998. This is outside of the 25, perhaps a proof copy that was used from the rest of the volumes.


Black and White Ogre Country

Published by ADC books and limited to 100 copies, triple signed by the contributors. This is copy number 46.


The Truth About Publishing & The Truth About a Publisher

Both prints are from the 1960's and both are signed by Sir Stanley Unwin.


The Making of the Lord of the Rings

Published by Rayner Unwin in 1992, this is a deluxe volume bound in Italian handmade marbled paper, was reissued in 2018 limited to 12 copies, this is copy number 3.


The Oxford Book of Greek Verse in Translation

1st print from 1938. Oxford University Press. Tolkien helped with 'Introduction Part II - Greek Poetry in Translation'.

12 February
2024-2-12 7:29:04 PM UTC
Amazing items, especially the Rayner and Kalevala. Congrats on a successful chase.
12 February
2024-2-12 7:39:17 PM UTC
Very nice! Love the Greek Verse book with the dj.
12 February
2024-2-12 9:11:54 PM UTC
Brilliant to see! Thank you.
12 February
2024-2-12 9:25:27 PM UTC
Wonderful items ! I've been chasing 'The Oxford Book of Greek Verse in Translation' for a while ! Congrats
13 February
2024-2-13 12:05:24 AM UTC
very nice Mr. Underhill!
13 February
2024-2-13 3:08:26 AM UTC
Very nice. I am curious about what your vast collection is still missing if anything.
13 February
2024-2-13 4:30:28 AM UTC
What a rich and diverse set of acquisitions! Lovely.
13 February
2024-2-13 5:49:11 AM UTC
Very cool! That 1937 Beowulf looks sharp!
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