On the first episode of the second season of the podcast, Jonny and Sam are joined by Michael Flowers, a local independent Tolkien scholar. Discussion primarily focusses on the author's time in the county, in particular his time recovering at the Brooklands Officers Hospital and up at the Forest of Roos. We also talk about what works he wrote or developed during his time here and whether there is any influence from the region on what he wrote.

Michael Flowers commented on his contribution

Please note that the interview took place off the top of my head, so I wasn’t able to consult any notes. Otherwise, I would have said Edith died in November 1971, and that Aragorn was the descendant of Beren and Lúthien, not the ancestor of them! More seriously, I wouldn’t have been so emphatic that the first version of Túrumbar was written in Hull. He may have written it shortly after leaving Hull. However, the original pencilled version of ‘The Take of Tinúviel’ was written whilst he was hospitalised in Hull. If you have around 24 minutes to spare please check it out, and let me know if I made any other errors! Don’t forget to consider visiting the ethereal splendours of Roos next May or June when the “hemlock glade” is once again at its most magical.