Hi all,
I know some on this site have contacts within HarperCollins, and that at times certain information is able to be shared.

With that in mind, I wanted to make this post and ask this question.

I've been noticing that the eBook edition of Farmer Giles of Ham has been delayed a few times: I believe it initially went up for pre-order around June, then it was pushed back to Jan 2024, and now again about a month later.

Given the constant moving of the goal posts (so to speak) does anyone know what the issue is? The other 'Tolkien Treasury' books exist as eBooks, but with Farmer Giles, maybe there's issues in translating some of the special characters into eBook format? (for example, the title page, etc).

Anyway, I'm really hoping it actually comes out in Feb and doesn't get pushed back again.

....I know we're book collectors here, though my shelves are beginning to get a bit full (and no more room for more shelves!) though I have Tales From the Perilous Realm in hardcover, and am getting the 'Tolkien Treasury' titles as eBooks so I can still have access to the other stuff offered in those editions, without having another "object."

Thanks for any checks you may do

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Farmer Giles of Ham

HarperCollins (2024-09-26)

£4.99 Amazon.co.uk (Kindle Edition) - Availability: Preorderable
€8.99 Amazon.de (Kindle Ausgabe) - Availability: Preorderable