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By Arbor
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Magic in M-e live stream

25 February (edited)
2024-2-25 2:11:09 AM UTC

The Magic of Middle-earth
Fox had a live stream event Monday on YouTube sharing some items chosen from solicitations for this event. Trotter’s menu was the 1st shared. The 3 items I sent we’re shown: 2 dolls starting at13:40 & later a unique PEZ at 21:06. Somewhere the provenance was lost. The dolls were made in c 1998 by B. Moreno, a doll maker. I had asked her if she ever made Hobbits? She replied, “What’s a hobbit?” She was educated about them & made 3: Rosie Cotton, Gollum, and Merry. Rosie & Gollum were on the show. The PEZ was made at a PEZ shop in Arizona (I’ve lost the shop). It was modeled starting with a Yoda PEZ.
Recording on the website: ... the-magic-of-middle-earth
He does stress how useful TCG is.

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