My grandmother gifted me a copy of The Silmarillion years ago that she had purchased from a garage sale. I have looked into it and it turns out that it is a First edition Clowes printing referred to as the "Export Edition" (I'm sure you all know this, I'm just stating what my local rare book dealer told me after we looked at it) variant 1. It has all the identifiers listing it as such and is in "fine" condition. The very top of the cover slip has some very slight curling, other than that it is in amazing condition. I don't believe the book has ever been opened simply because it feels like the spine hasn't been cracked. Can't say for sure though. Anyways, I'm not a book collector, and I would certainly be interested in selling to anyone who might be interested. My dealer told me the book is worth 650 USD, but if he were to buy it from me, he'd pay me 200 and keep the rest. I feel that's kind of a rip off and would much rather sell it to somebody at a lower price than the 650 and not be ripped off. Please feel free to comment in any way you like, I appreciate and questions, advice, or criticism, as I said I am not a collector and am very new to this. Any number of pictures can be provided, my wife is a photographer so she'll only be too happy to take photos!