I just picked up another copy of the Signed Limited Deluxe Children of Hurin from the Tolkien.co.uk website. As most of you know, they are now making it available to U.S. customers. It may be a blessing in disguise that this was not previously available in the U.S. since the dollar has gotten much stronger against the pound recently than it was back when the book was first released (it was 2:1 back then!). There is also a 10% off coupon code available now (TOLK01). That brings the price down to GBP 315.00 + GBP 5.00 shipping. At today's exchange rate, that is less than $500.00. I believe that is an excellent deal for a fully leather bound book signed by both Christopher Tolkien and Alan Lee. If you have the cash now, this is great investment. I would expect that these won't be around for retail sale much longer (however, the poor economy probably will hinder sales, so I may be wrong).

A quick word about using the coupon code.... I tried to use it and it gave an error message saying that the code was invalid. However, after deleting it and progressing to checkout, the 10% discount was applied and the transaction was successful.

I don't mean to sound like a saleman for Harper Collins, but having already owned a copy of this book and knowing how much I enjoy it, I want to make sure that anyone else who might love this book gets an opportunity to pick it up at possibly the best price it will be before it is sold-out.