Hi, it's been a few years since i've been on this site and i'm really glad i was able to find it again! I first started finding interest in LOTR in high school and early on in college starting a small collection of Tolkien books, now i've been married a couple of years and have found a renewed interest in my collection (mainly the obtaining part!). I never tried to get any early printings of the hobbit or LOTR, mainly because i was only interested in first editions. Obviously i wasn't going to entertain the thought of trying for a 1/1 LOTR and definately not the hobbit!! But recently i got a 1/7 TT and a 2/1 FOTR and ROTK and i love them! I like the history of the books and i think that that is something that has come with getting older and feeling like time is moving faster! So after that long ramble i'll get to the point of this forum (what i have in my mind at least). What should i expect with collecting early editions of LOTR and Hobbit? Are there things you guys with more experience can help me understand, such as when to buy (like with the new Hobbit movie coming out, what does that do to the market?), what is actually collectible, as in what should i want to buy (point being i see it faaarrr down the road to have a 1/1 set of very good LOTR with DJ...), and is there any way to set a value to the later printings? This is a late night post so i hope i made some sense! Thanks to all who read this and thanks to all who reply!