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The White Tree Fund publishes first issue of Silver Leaves
Posted by Urulöké on Nov 30, 2007 (4776 views)

The White Tree Fund is "dedicated to upholding the ideals of Middle-earth such as unity, nobility, courage, honour and peace." They are an incorporated non-profit and support humanitarian and aid programs, environmental initiatives, and literacy programs assisting children and adults.

The purpose of their journal Silver Leaves is to educate, raise awareness, support charitable initiatives, and entertain. The first issue of Silver Leaves was just published, and contains an excellent array of articles by some well known names.

The White Tree Fund has raised awareness and monetary aid for multiple humanitarian efforts since their founding in 2005. With a strong foundation built on ideals Tolkien espoused in The Lord of the Rings, the organization enjoys Tolkien's works but tries to encourage a more active celebration by helping others in need.

I haven't received my copy yet to provide a full review, but with their permission, I am able to let you know the contents of the first issue here:

  • Tolkien Connections by Tom Shippey

  • Last Alliance Action Alert: Burma

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in a Hobbit? JRR Tolkien’s Depiction of the Effects of Trauma by Robert Hierholzer

  • White Tree Fund Book Shop

  • Middle-earth Crossword by Steven Dueck

  • A Man Like You by Kathryn E. Darden

  • A Note on Turin and Oedipus by Dr. Dimitra Fimi

  • What Kind of Reader are You?

  • Hope by Kerri-Anne Cundill

  • Candle of Hope by Kerri-Anne Cundill

  • Firelace by N.C. Graham

  • Wellinghall Smial: Tolkien Day Report by Laura Hwee and Charity Yang

  • Tolkien Lecture Series 2007 by Gerda Marz and Jo-Anna Dueck

  • Remembering Professor Daniel Timmons by Sunny Timmons and Ted Nasmith

  • The Journey Continues for Reclaiming Our Youth by Rebecca Kirkland and Bruce Hopkins

  • Can fantasy be myth? Mythopoeia and The Lord of the Rings by John Adcox

  • Defending Middle - earth From Charges of Racism by L. Lara Sookoo

  • How I Learned More About Hobbits by Janet Brennan Croft

  • Some thoughts on reading The Lord of the Rings aloud by Michael D. C. Drout

  • Weavers, Witches, and Warriors: The Women of The Lord of the Rings by Amy L. Timco

  • When Fear is Near by Kerri-Anne Cundill

  • Phrase to Phrase by Steven Dueck

  • Ancient Greek Gods and the Valar by Martha Kosyfi

  • Finding God in the Lord of the Rings by Kathryn E. Darden

  • The Lord of the Rings, The Musical: A Review by Patricia Scovil

  • The Fellowship of the Journal (Staff bios)

  • Many Meetings (Contributor bios)

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