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New volume of the annual journal Seven announced
Posted by Urulöké on Dec 5, 2007 (1646 views)

Available for order soon through their website, the table of contents has just been announced for the 24th volume of the journal Seven (VII).

SEVEN is an annual "Anglo-American Literary Review," focusing on seven British writers: Owen Barfield, GK Chesterton, CS Lewis, George MacDonald, Dorothy L. Sayers, JRR Tolkien, & Charles Williams.

SEVEN is a publication of the Marion E. Wade Center, Wheaton College, and costs $14.50 (the annual is equivalent to a book).

Worshipping the Hero: MacDonald and Carlyle’s Early Novels
David Robb compares and contrasts the “great men” who populate MacDonald’s realistic novels with the concept of the “Great Man” as defined by the influential Victorian writer, Thomas Carlyle.

Contemplating C.S. Lewis’s Epistemology
Norbert Feinendegen suggests that while Lewis and Barfield’s “Great War” correspondence did influence Lewis’s Christian conversion, it was for different reasons than have been assumed by scholars heretofore, due to Barfield’s misunderstanding of Lewis’s use of the key terms “enjoyment” and “contemplation”.

“Seeking But To Do Thee Grace”: Dorothy L. Sayers’s Illustrated Religious Cards
Laura Simmons uses unpublished correspondence of Sayers to explore the author’s process of collaboration with her publisher and artists in the creation of several religious cards issued late in Sayer’s life.

Didactic Pleasures: Learning in C.S. Lewis’s Narnia
Paul Tankard examines the overtly didactic qualities in the Narnian Chronicles, and explains the background and value in Lewis’s instructive approach, while clarifying that the Christian resonances in the series are not among the material that is presented didactically.

Feminist Nay-Sayers: Are Women Human?
Crystal Downing contextualizes Dorothy L. Sayers’s essays “Are Women Human?” and “The Human-Not-Quite-Human”, recently republished by Eerdmans, within the three “waves” of twentieth-century feminism.

Books Reviewed: The Chronicles of Narnia and Philosophy; J.R.R. Tolkien’s Sanctifying Myth; Inside Narnia; Revisiting Narnia; Ents, Elves, and Eriador; Into the Region of Awe; Not a Tame Lion; C.S. Lewis—Mythe, raison ardente; Interrupted Music; Irrigating Deserts; The World of the Rings; Unsung Heroes of The Lord of the Rings; The Way Into Narnia; In Search of Salt; C.S. Lewis & Narnia for Dummies; The Heart of the Chronicles of Narnia; The Gospel According to Tolkien


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