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Tolkien Collector's Guide
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Guide to Tolkien's Letters
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Deluxe & Boxsets

Deluxe Editions (First Series 2004-Present)

Deluxe Editions (Second Series 2020-Present)

Deluxe Editions (3rd Series, Illustrated by Tolkien, 2021-Present)


The Hobbit

Hardback Hobbits

Paperback Hobbits

The Lord of the Rings

Hardback One Volume Lord of the Rings

Paperback One Volume Lord of the Rings

Hardback Three Volume Lord of the Rings & Companions

Paperback Three Volume Lord of the Rings

Amazon Rings of Power TV Releases

The Silmarillion


The History of Middle-earth

HoMe Books

More Middle-earth

Middle-earth books

Other Stories by Tolkien

Other Books




CD and Digital


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