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The History of Middle-earth: Vol. 12 - The Peoples of Middle-earth

by J. R. R. Tolkien, ed. Christopher Tolkien


From the Back Cover

'The Peoples of Middle-earth' traces the evolution of the Appendices to 'The Lord of The Rings', which provide a comprehensive historical structure of the Second and Third Ages, including Calendars, Hobbit genealogies and the Westron language. The book concludes with two unique abandoned stories: The New Shadow, set in Gondor during the Fourth Age, and the tale of Tal-elmar, in which the coming of the dreaded Numenorean ships is seen through the eyes of men of Middle-earth in the Dark Years.

With the publication of this book, the long history of J.R.R. Tolkien’s creation is completed and the enigmatic state of his work can be understood.


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The Peoples of Middle-Earth (UK Edition)

HarperCollins (1997)

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$14.01 Blackwell's (paperback) - Availability: Usually dispatched within 7 days
$14.76 Biblio (Paperback / softback) - Availability: Click to check
$12.07 (Paperback) - Availability: Now
£9.99 (Paperback) - Availability: Now
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