Tolkien Collector's Guide

To Leila Keene and Pat Kirke

J.R.R. Tolkien
Leila Keene and Pat Kirke
3 August 1943
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Tolkien wrote this long letter to two schoolgirls, Leila Keane and Patricia Kirke who were both very enthusiastic about hobbits, in reply to their questions about runes, hee explains to them about runes in our world, in The Hobbit, and in the yet to be published Lord of the Rings, also about the different writing systems and languages in Middle-earth and how he has presented them in his stories.

This letter was reproduced in Sotheby's Illustrated Books, Children's Books, Ephemera, Performing Arts & Related Drawings 4 May 1995 and Christopher Tolkien includes a description and brief excerpts from the letter in The Peoples of Middle-earth, pp. 72-73.

The letter was auctioned at Christies Valuable and Important Books and Manuscripts from the Library of Edward R. Leahy 6 October 2022.
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