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TCG Letter #1110

J.R.R. Tolkien
Christopher Wiseman
16 November 1914
Writing to his friend, after reading parts of Wisemans letter to G.B. Smith, Tolkien agrees that the group (T.C.B.S.) has drifted apart but that it is in part to them not being able to meet regularly at the moment. he says they should work out what brings them together as a group.

Tolkien also explains that while he believes in the idea of nationalism and is a patriot, he says he is not a militarist, saying that he believes in "home rule". Then notes that some old college friends are visiting next weekend.

This eight-page letter is found among the Tolkien Papers, Bodleian Library, Oxford.
The J.R.R. Tolkien Companion and Guide - Chronology (2017), p. 7 (see entry for Mid-October 1899), 63. (The T.C.B.S. was began during the Summer term 1911 at King Edward School. See various entries re. T.C.B.S. and TCBS.)

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