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TCG Letter #1397 / Carpenter Letter #80a

J.R.R. Tolkien
G.E. Selby
19 September 1944
Tolkien writes to G.E. Selby, a family friend agreeing to act as a referee for his application to a post.See Chronology, p. 295[1]

In a newly published extract,Letters, 2023[2] of this previously unpublished letter, Tolkien sends his congratulations on Selby's marriage and on the birth of his daughter. He says that he had to wait for his own, describing having a daughter as “gracious and empriding”, noting that Priscilla is currently typing copies of a “vast romance”The Lord of the Rings[3] which he hopes GA&U will publish if they ever find a paper supply.

Priscilla in the Tolkien Family Album would note that she was typing on two fingers. She was around 14 and was very excited at the outset of the story and soon became terrified of the Black Riders.

1 See Chronology, p. 295
2 Letters, 2023
3 The Lord of the Rings

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