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TCG Letter #1430 / Carpenter Letter #140c

J.R.R. Tolkien
W.N. Beard
23 September 1953
Tolkien apologizes for his delay in providing comments on the drawings. He does not think them satisfactory. He says that he should have been more careful when producing the original sketches, but notes he needed better explanation. He had not expected blocks to be made from his sketches of the 'Doors of Durin' which he was awaiting feedback on. He notes various changes, corrections and elements which he dislikes which will need to be corrected. He notes that the “red letters” in Galley 15Ring inscription, bk. II, ch. 2[1] are not good enough, and he includes a version which should be suitable, He puts this fault down to the original he supplied. He lists more improvements he would like to see implemented. He is also unhappy with the reproduction of the Tomb inscription,Galley 103[2] and suggests improvements to it.

This letter is found at the Tolkien-George Allen & Unwin archive, HarperCollins.

1 Ring inscription, bk. II, ch. 2
2 Galley 103

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