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TCG Letter #145 / Carpenter Letter #74

J.R.R. Tolkien
Stanley Unwin
29 June 1944
On 22 June Unwin sent Tolkien a substantial chequesee Letter from Stanley Unwin to J.R.R. Tolkien • 22 June 1944 (#1342)[1] for royalties on The Hobbit and let him know that his son Rayner Unwin was reading English at Oxford as a naval cadet. Tolkien was delighted that he would have a chance to see Rayner. At the same time he was grieved that the war had swept him up. Tolkien said his youngest son had been carried off – in the midst of typing and revising The Hobbit sequel and making a map – and was now far away and wretched in the Orange Free State. His older son, a damaged soldier, was at Trinity College trying to work and recover.

Tolkien had not written to Unwin for some time. He said he should have thanked him for his note and the two copies of The Hobbit. He thanked Unwin for the cheque. It would be useful, he said, since he had large debts trying to complete a family's education when war had taken away most means.

In a newly published portionLetters, 2023[2] Tolkien bemoans his not knowing that Rayner had been at Oxford since April. He notes that he started the Naval course in January, 1943 but had given up the directorship after not having a day or night off in two years. He is pleased that Rayner has done well in the “half-course exam”, which he says was a struggle for most Cadets.

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