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TCG Letter #1461 / Carpenter Letter #204a

J.R.R. Tolkien
Rayner Unwin
13 December 1957
Tolkien gives his thoughts to Rayner on the continuing work to try and turn the Lord of the Rings into a film. He gives his thoughts on the people wanting to do the project and generally feels like they want to do the work justice. He asks about how it could be transferred to the film medium, suggesting that a silent film might be the way to go. He notes that, obviously, the change in medium means tinkering with the story and wishes people didn't have such a strong desire to do that. He mentions that the conceptual art, from Ron Cobb, is very decent and that Cobb has the style to suit The Lord of the Rings. He does not feel so enthusiastic of the screenplay.

In a portion not included in this newly published letter, Wayne G. Hammond and Christina Scull noteChronology, pp. 545-6[1] that Tolkien mentions that he has written to Voorhoeve, informing him that he will not be able to visit Holland. he is now officially on leave but has to deal with delayed exams.possibly the viva voca held on 20 January, 1958.[2]

He says that he needs an index, one that is a matter of "pure donkey-work".

He approves Rayner's letter to Ackerman.

This letter is held at the 'Tolkien– George Allen & Unwin archive, HarperCollins'.

1 Chronology, pp. 545-6
2 possibly the viva voca held on 20 January, 1958.
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